ICT security

ICТ security policy

Ideal random sequence

Ideal secret sharing scheme


Identification and authentication (I&A)

Identification protocol

Identification scheme

Identification system




Identity and access management (IAM)

Identity awareness

Identity based encryption

Identity management (IdM)

Illegal access


Imitation resistance

Implicit key authentication




Information and communication system, ICS

Information and communication technology, ICT

Information assets

Information assets confidentiality

Information assets integrity

Information assurance (IA)

Information availability, accessibility

Information dissemination

Information environment

Information flow control

Information hiding

Information infrastructure

Information integrity violation

Information leakage channel

Information loss

Information object

Information objects

Information Operation

Information owner

Information process

Information processing

Information processing facility(ies)

Information processing system

Information protection and control (IPC)

Information protection measure

Information resource

Information rights management (IRM)

Information risk assessment

Information security

Information security concept

Information security event

Information security incident

Information security intruder model

Information security measure

Information security monitoring

Information security operation center, ISOC

Information security resource

Information security threat

Information security vulnerability

Information space

Information sphere

Information system

Information system security (INFOSEC)

Information target

Information technical protection facility

Information technology

Information technology security evaluation criteria

Information war

Information weapon

Information with restricted access

Information-telecommunication system

Information-theoretic (Shannon) security



Ingress filtering

Initialization vector

Injection flaws

Input variable

Insecurity channel

Inside adversary

Inside intrusion


Integer factoring problem


Integrity protection algorithm

Integrity protection, protection from imitation

Integrity system

Interactive authentication

Interactive proof

Interactive protocol

Interdiction free function

Intermediate biometric sample

International cyber crime

Internet fraud

Internet of things

Intruder model


Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection system (IDS)

Intrusion prevention system (IPS)

Involutive encryption algorithm

IP address spoofing

Isolated communication networks

Iterative encryption algorithm