Damage, impact


Data block

Data confidentiality service

Data deciphering

Data encryption key

Data encryption standard (DES)

Data integrity

Data integrity service

Data loss prevention (DLP), data leak prevention, content monitoring and filtering (CMF), information protection and control (IPC), extrusion prevention system (EPS)

Data medium

Data origin authentication

Data origin authentication service

Data privacy

Data protection

Data protection Directive 95/46/ЕС

Data security

Data transfer system

Data transmission channel

Data-flow diagram


Decryption algorithm, deciphering

Decryption function

Decryption key

Decryption, breaking of cryptosystem

Decryption, deciphering


Default account

Default password

Defence in depth

Demilitarized territory

Denial of service

Denial-of-Service attack (DoS attack)

Deposit transaction (protocol)


Dialer (American English), dialler (British English)

Dictionary attack

Differential attack

Differential attack

Differential cryptanalysis

Differential cryptanalysis

Differential fault attack

Differential-linear attack

Differential-linear attack

Diffie–Hellman algorithm

Diffusion property

Diffusion transform

Digital asset management (DAM)

Digital currency

Digital fingerprint

Digital information

Digital money, digiCash, e-cash, e-coin

Digital signature

Digital signature cryptosystem

Digital signature scheme

Digital signature standard (DSS)

Digital signature with message recovery


Directive 1999/93/EC

Discrete logarithm problem

Discretionary access control

Discretionary access control

Dishonest party

Dishonest party, attacker

Distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS)

Distribution of information


DPI (deep packet inspection), complete packet inspection, information eXtraction (IX)


Dual control